Who are Thameside Family Collaborative Lawyers and Mediators?

We are a group of experienced Collaborative Family Lawyers, Mediators, Family Consultants and Financial Advisors located in London, South West London. Middlesex and Surrey, bordering the Thames, from Westminster to Windsor.

We provide emotional, legal and practical support on relationship breakdown, children, and financial settlements.

We work with you and your former partner to find an amicable, fair outcome, maintain communication and place your children at the centre of the solutions.

We work as a team with you, other Collaborative Lawyers, Mediators, Family Consultants, Financial Neutrals and other Professionals to help our Clients reach and implement an agreement that works for them and their family.

We recognise that Separation and Divorce is a traumatic period in your life. You need legal, personal and financial support and guidance to make good decisions.

We will work together to achieve a solution for you and your family.