The Ethos

  • Mediation is a safe place, managed by the Mediator, where you can talk to each other and find solutions for your family about your children and finances.
  • You and your partner retain control over the decisions.
  • Discussions in good faith.
  • Treating each other with respect, retaining dignity and self-worth.
  • Finding solutions for the future, not punishing your partner or yourself over past issues and actions.
  • Holistic approach; a Family Consultant can give one or both of you support and preparation to work through personal or marital issues to improve communication in the mediation process and in the future, assisting you in finding solutions.
  • Exchanging financial papers and information in an open and honest way.
  • Keeping control of the outcome and process managed by the Mediator.
  • Independent legal advice and support from your own solicitors, who will be able to implement any Memorandum of Understanding reached in Mediation.

Finding Solutions Together: Reducing Conflict in Separation and Divorce