The Process

  • An individual or joint Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting to understand your needs and explain the Mediation Process and whether it is suitable for you
  • Mediation can go ahead if both partners and the Mediator agree
  • The first joint Mediation Meeting starts with discussion and signature of the Agreement to Mediate. The issues you both wish to discuss can be identified and an agenda agreed and the mediation will continue.
  • Further mediation meetings will be arranged to discuss the needs of your children, the practical, legal, financial and emotional issues following your separation
  • Mediation sessions usually last for one and a half hours. The number of sessions required depends on their nature and complexity. Generally three to six sessions are needed. Fees are payable at the end of each mediation session or in advance and may be shared between the couple in any way they may agree.
  • No communications outside of Mediation apart from administrative matters.
  • You are both advised to obtain independent legal advice throughout the mediation process.
  • Once you have found a solution, the Mediator will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding and Financial Statement which you will take to your solicitors to conclude and implement if you both wish to do so, after independent legal advice.

Finding Solutions Together: Reducing Conflict in Separation and Divorce