Reducing the Conflict in Divorce and Separation

We will work with you and your partner to help you achieve a fair, negotiated future for your family.

As Collaborative Family Lawyers, Mediators, Family Consultants and Financial Advisors, specialists in our field, we recognise the emotional trauma you are experiencing and the impact this is having.

We understand the fear, pain, grief, guilt, resentment and anger that comes with relationship breakdown and we will support you through this difficult time.

We will help you find positive solutions for your future and make sure that all parties reach fair settlements on arrangements for your children and finances without the conflict, expense and stress of a lengthy court dispute.

We can help you:

  • Keep control of the process
  • Work to an agreed agenda and timetable
  • Prioritise what is important to you
  • Manage the needs of your children
  • Keep the lines of communication open
  • See more clearly from all perspectives
  • Maintain an atmosphere of respect whilst finding workable solutions to the issues you are facing
  • Achieve a fair, workable agreement for the benefit of the whole family

It is not the separation, but the way you separate that affects your children.