Thameside Collaborative Community Meeting at The White Swan, Richmond Upon Thames on Monday 20 February 2012 at 6pm. Speaker Fiona Read: The Legal Process

We are feeling like a community after an interesting and convivial evening.  Thank you to Fiona for a great overview on the legals with the insight from the bench.  We are getting to know each other, to discuss and exchange information and ideas.  Thank you for all contributions and to Louise Barretto for organising and Chairing.

Diana Pringle: Family Consultant has some thoughts following the discussions at the Community Meeting to address in our furture meetings in summary:

1. Clarification of FC work and what are the solicitors and clients needs and expectations
2. How to get clients to instruct other members of the team.  Lawyer to Family Consultant and Family Consultant to Lawyer.
3. What is Family Consultancy: writng the copy  for the website.
4. An explanation of Couple Dynamics, Brainstorming/Supervison/Case Discussion.
5. Name badges for ease of identity at Community Meetings.

Lisa Broddle: Family and Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator, suggests:

1. In addition to name badges that  we introduce ourselves at the beginning of the meeting or before dinner.
2. To encourage more Family Consultants to join the Community and  be included in  Find a Family Consultant.  I will send details by email.
3. Louise Barretto, Chair needs someone to take over the organisation of the quarterly Collaborative Community Dinners.  Would a member of the Community be willing to do this please.

Attendees: Speaker Fiona Read.  Family Consultants: Diana Pringle, Patsy Bolton, Lucy Selleck, Maddie Campbell, Caroline Morcom.  Collaborative Lawyers: Louise Barretto, Lisa Broddle, Louise Connolly, Sarah Cornes, Therese Nichols, Jill Trelfa, Julian Waldon, Sian Whittaker, Jane Wright.

22 February 2012